Why South Africa is Under a Curse from a Christian Biblical Point of View

By Errol Ashman


For a very long time, the Lord has put on my heart to write a book as to why South Africa, as a so-called Christian nation, is under a very serious curse from Almighty God, from a biblical perspective.

As I started writing today, Tuesday 11 January 2024, the South African government is busy wasting millions of rands taking Israel to the International Court of Justice for so-called genocide. Meanwhile, the bombs of poverty and hunger, unemployment, government corruption, crime and lawlessness, sexual promiscuity, women and child abuse etc. are, as it were, falling all over the land. The growth of squatter camps and the putrid conditions under which most of our people live, is much worse than the Gaza Strip. As a “pimple” on the tip of Africa, we are so busy interfering with what is going on in the rest of the world that we are blind as to what is happing all around us, and our pimple is about to burst.

The consequence is that we as a nation, from God’s point of view, based on His Word, are doomed to destruction, and like a frog in boiling water.



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